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Running a Tight Budget? Here’s how to look good even on a tight budget.According to the urban dictionary, to look good simply means to look beautiful, to be on point or simply look gorgeous.Anybody can look good. However, looking good is relative to each individual and every person has his/her own definition of being on point. How to slay on budget? Some people thinks looking good simply means to go overboard while shopping or buying

Is love worth it? Love is not another word for suffering but not many people know that. “Loving does not kill anybody, what kills really is seeing their love in the arms of somebody else”Anonymous. The Beginning. Julia and Rosie (Not real names) have been friends since grade 2. Now that they are adults, they share an apartment. With every challenge they faced, their friendship only grew stronger. Jamal has been in love with Julia since forever

Walter Winchell once said “A friend is one who walks in when others walks out”. The little things in life are what accounts for most of our happiness. One of them is friendship. Friends are the spice of life and having one makes life worth living. Research has also shown that having friends not only boost our self esteem it also helps us face challenges head on. Maria and Lisa first met each

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to say a word………….Style is who you are, it is how well you express yourself.

STYLE WEDNESDAY. Fashion Trends these days are getting amazing and more daring. Today, Ankara fabrics are seen as a major style trend. If you want to go cool without necessarily stressing then the African Print fabrics are for you. An interesting fact about the fabric is that you can rock it anywhere, anytime and with anyone. You can also decide the style and the way you want it accessorized. So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath

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