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Fashion & Trends

Running a Tight Budget? Here’s how to look good even on a tight budget.According to the urban dictionary, to look good simply means to look beautiful, to be on point or simply look gorgeous.Anybody can look good. However, looking good is relative to each individual and every person has his/her own definition of being on point. How to slay on budget? Some people thinks looking good simply means to go overboard while shopping or buying

WHAT IS A KIMONO? Kimono simply translate as “Something to wear”. It is a traditional Japanese outfit and one of the world’s most versatile pieces of fashion. They are stand out anywhere due to their beautiful designs, unique cut and captivating colors. Kimonos can be elaborate and extremely colorful and they can also be relatively plain, mild and subtle. This makes it all the more a fashion item that is easy to

LET US PLAY. Yay!! It’s summer so lets forget the dresses and let’s do play-suits. A play-suit, is a one-piece (also a union suit, they are usually long sleeves with footed pant-legs, a onesie or jumpsuit) or a two-piece combination of shorts and a shirt. It is also known as a Romper.

HELLO TUESDAY!!! When you hear the word stylist, what comes to your mind? Celebrities yeah? Well, not only celebrities needs a personal stylist everyone needs one. A stylist does more than just making you look good for your events they are an investment worth having.

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