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Kimono simply translates as “Something to wear”.  It is a traditional Japanese outfit and one of the world’s most versatile pieces of fashion.

They are stand out anywhere due to their beautiful designs, unique cut and captivating colors. Kimonos can be elaborate and extremely colorful and they can also be relatively plain, mild and subtle. This makes it all the more a fashion item that is easy to work with.

Why you should own a kimono.

  • They serve as an alternative to wearing boring sweaters or cardigan. They are light and easy to work with not to mention very colorful too.
  • Kimonos easily switch up your look from boring to classy. It gives you a casual look.
  • Kimonos are a quick and easy way to make your formal attire much more dressy. If you need a little more shape, wear a belt around the outside to hold everything together with some kimonos even comes with a belt known as an “obi”.
  • Because they simply let you appear chic, elegant and classy.


The kimono style is a very versatile style and can be worn in a variety of ways:

  1. The Casual Look – Look simple and chic as the floaty design will add a whole new vibe to your look, with hardly any effort. However, you have to keep the rest of your look super simple, so as to allow your kimono to do all of the talking. Also, try pairing it with a pair of shorts and a simple t-shirt, a pair of sneakers will perfect the look.
  2. . Play Dress-up: Remember when we were little and we play dress up all the time? Well, who told you you can’t play dress-up now with your kimono. Spice it up with a bodycon dress if you are headed for a special night, be it wedding, date or dinner. Ensure the bodycon dress is a neutral color especially if the kimono is made from a vibrantly colored fabric like Ankara.

4.  The Bedtime look: You can use it as a robe over your sexy nightie. You may wear it on a cozy tshirt and tie the rope loosely around it. It will make you feel cozy and till daybreak. Now, who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep?

5. The Swimwear Look: Going for that beach hangout, you can pair your bikini up with a kimono. This not only makes you stand out, it also makes you appear chic, classy and most importantly elegant.

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